How To Get More Paying Clients For Business Without Burning Advertising Dollars That Have No Result

When the majority of the marketers consider social media, they associate it immediately with brand building and not with sales. It is because, none purchases any product or service just after seeing an ad, video or tweet. But this is not true actually. In fact, social media does a lot more than just working as a method to grow a brand and to connect to the present customer base. While done properly, the social media platforms like Facebook can actually help you to generate real leads.

But when it actually makes sense to consider social media as the area of investment? Here are the details to consider:

  1. An alternative to the costly market research: If you look at the social media feeds once, you will get to know that people don’t find any trouble expressing the opinions on this platform. Things that look like a nuisance at times can also be beneficial for the marketers, who are in search of some unvarnished standpoint. While one can ask direct questions to the organic social following, paid social is available with some added benefits. First and foremost, the social ad campaigns are comparatively cheaper as well as less time-consuming than hiring a marketing research company. While a paid social campaign is connected to an online lead generation or survey page, it is actually possible to test whether any idea is worth pursuing.
  2. Advertising to any targeted demographic, location or interest: Developed on the concept of targeting audience, paid social media tools are worth of investment for the businesses planning to get their ads in front of individuals in any specific demographic or location.
  3. Reaching to the mobile audiences: In case you feel that marketing your brand on the mobile device is necessary for your campaign, then social networks must be at the top of the options of paid advertising. Experts have revealed that, in the case of social media, every post gets at least two times more share than the desktop. Actually, paid search increases the engagement by putting all the sponsored posts in front of the more targeted and larger pool of users. And most importantly, the majority of the social networks were launched as mobile first.
  4. Promoting only the best content: Social networking is actually a busy place where people mostly compete for getting other’s attention. Due to the hectic environment, soon social networks started to implement algorithms that were designed to decrease the less interesting posts. It means, your updates displayed to the audience can reduce in frequency every after expressing previous interest through the shares and likes. Facebook has started implementing such an algorithm with other networks following. So, in this pay-to-play environment, investing in the paid social media for the best content pieces would be worth of the additional spending.

There are few points to consider in this regard:

  • The psychological growth
  • Moving the value chain up
  • Optimizing the revenue model
  • Maximizing the Marketing and
  • Systems and automations

In the recent time, the Facebook ads work as a prime example of practicing advertising on the social media, which is also considered as “paid social”. With the highest figure of Monthly Active Users of any social networking platform in this world, Facebook has become really competitive as well as potentially rewarding element of the digital advertising strategies of a number of businesses.

Even though social media advertising like Facebook advertising is considered as similar to the AdWords (as users use both these platforms to promote their websites on the web), but there is a big dissimilarity. And it is that the paid socials like Facebook help the users to find out companies on the basis of their interests where the paid searches made in the search engines allow businesses to find out more clients through keywords.

Ultimately every social media platform is capable of offering value in a form or another while it comes to various types of advertising approaches. With the average monthly user base of more than 1.5 billion, the dominance of Facebook has almost become flat out unquestionable and the company is also towering over this competition at present. Being considered as the social media giant, Facebook has a larger audience base than any other platform and it also understands the potential reach and the value that the businesses are capable of capitalizing on. So, it can’t be ignored.

How do the Facebook ads work?

Facebook ads are usually available in a number of varieties. These allow the users to promote their posts on a page, promote their pages, create posts on any website or create a post on any actions that the users took. Therefore, despite the increasing focus of this social media on native ads and maintaining traffic on this site, it is still successful sending users to the sites of the companies they are targeting.

As the Facebook ads target users on the basis of their demographic, location and profile details, therefore every user needs to set a specific budget after creating ads and therefore bid for every click that the ads would receive.

The ad targeting options that Facebook offers are completely unparalleled. Here business owners can target their potential clients by:

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Gender
  4. Connections
  5. Interests
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship status
  8. Workplaces
  9. Education

Sales lead generation with Facebook:

So, if you are thinking of Facebook advertising, there is a high chance that you have plateaued with the organic Facebook strategy. Paid promotions can be the next logical step, which you can consider.

You must have seen your competitor businesses popping up in the News Feed of Facebook with some engaging advertisements. Now you are ready to explore the same thing for your business. Converting more and more people from Facebook usually requires emphasizing unique propositions of value, multiple ad creative and highly targeted segments of audiences at different times and on different devices. But with numerous possibilities, it often becomes quite easy to mess up. So, how to generate sales leads with Facebook?

In case you really prefer to generate leads with Facebook, odds are that you would have to invest some amount of cash into the ad campaign at a certain stage. But the best thing is that Facebook ads are available at lesser costs ($0.80) than half the cost of per click compared to the AdWords ($2.50).

So, in case you have the required budget or the right strategies to beat the algorithm, then here comes a list of things that you need to consider:

  1. Treat the Facebook page like sales page: Often a big mistake that most of the entrepreneurs do is that they don’t take the Facebook pages seriously as this social media website doesn’t offer navigation, no direct method to generate leads or no clear CTA. It is because, most of the people consider that there is no way to generate leads But actually, a Facebook page can be a great website or a sales page with a properly updated news feed, a clear call to action and some professional and high-quality photographs.
  2. Target and narrow the audience: The first order of business is all about identifying the goal for Facebook advertising. This thing will come down to the target market. With Facebook, it is actually possible to target the ads, which is specific to the target audiences. The targeting basics mainly include Age, Gender, and Location of the target clients. It is even possible to narrow down the targeting basics by zoning in on the interest of the audience, explicit consumer behaviors and connections and demographics. Next thing you need to do is to execute an honest accounting of the target market ahead of time to complete the Facebook advertising field, which can yield actual clientele.
  3. Run giveaways and contests: People love free stuff and competitions, therefore these two things can be considered as the best methods to generate leads with Facebook. On the basis of the industry where you are operating, you can run a copywriting or advertising contest, run a book or can do many other things. In fact, you can do anything that will encourage people to put their names happily and willingly and email into the CTA box would serve your purpose well.
  4. Use ads to build the page: After locking the target market in, the next thing you have to do is to start promoting the business. All you need is to generate qualified leads. But in this case, first, it is important to focus on the Facebook rep. But why does it actually matter? While a potential client comes across your ad and like what they prefer, often they choose to validate the business by referencing the Facebook Page. If the clients arrive at your webpage and find that you have a really small engagement and following on the recent posts, you will fail the inspection. Their trust in you as the authority in this industry would minimize. This is why your initial effort with the Facebook ad should be to promote the posts and pages. This thing will lead to increased page following and post engagement. Apart from that, you also have to increase the page likes to take the help of the Facebook advertiser support features that will also help you to expand upon items.
  5. Promote websites with link ads: Once your Facebook page following increases and you get a momentum, next thing you want to do is to focus on delivering the targeted users to your site. It is because your website is the primary method of securing online business. Facebook link ads can help you to accomplish your goals with some readymade Call to Actions like “learn more”, “shop now”, “book now”, “sign up” and “download”. More visually appealing the link ads are, the more effective these would be. Therefore, it is important to have a database of engaging texts or titles and eye-catching visuals or imagery to make sure that the users click through to your website from Facebook. Besides, the landing pages of your website should match the tone of the Facebook ad. Apart from that, the landing pages should be enriched with CTAs and prompt that this encouragement refers traffic to take the necessary actions.
  6. Getting leads within or from Facebook: Leads are basically the keywords for different types of businesses. For instance, buyers won’t buy any service or product from Facebook directly by clicking a button. So, the thing that the business owners look for is to get leads with strong conversions from the social media platform. This thing helps the Facebook referral visitors to take some action like requesting an estimate, completing a contact form etc. Even though not everyone will click to your site through Facebook, but this doesn’t mean that you will not get quality leads.

One of the best things about the Facebook lead ads is that these are also tailor made for the mobile user experience. Focus on mobile makes these lead ads a wonderful option for those businesses, which are concerned about the own mobile delivery of the websites. By considering Facebook lead ads, your potential clients would view the engaging ads on Facebook and they will get a pre-populated pop-up form with the contact details while tapping the ad. So, with a single tap, your clients will get the information they prefer and in turn, you will get the qualified lead.

So, it is understood that the Facebook ads demand a clear design and strategy, which includes each of these components. Therefore, if you are not sure about any of the components, then you must consult with the experts. Usually, Facebook ads take an added level of expertise while it is compared to the traditional ads. So, to be a pro in this field and to get more Facebook leads, you have to be well aware of the differences. This will also help to make the campaigns successful.

Thus, the main keys to get high value clients are:

  • Believing genuinely in your own worth so that your clients don’t doubt
  • Position yourself and your business properly so that the competition becomes relevant
  • Choosing the right client base, who will treat you like an investment

Analyzing the performance of a campaign:

After a campaign goes live, every business owner must likes to dive into all the available information to measure and optimize the performance of the campaign. In Facebook, this is actually easy as in the Facebook’s Ads Manager, the advertisers are offered the results on the basis of the most important data to the campaign. Here every garnered statistics can be broken down by the campaign, a specific ad or an ad set with the scope of categorizing on the basis of the things that are most important.

The bulk of data would report the campaign detail that the advertiser considers as most relevant like as total ad spend, an average rate of the campaigns, completed objectives that the campaign has generated and also the frequency such as the total number of times the ad has been displayed to any new visitor.

While analyzing particular ads, it is possible to compare the metrics in the similar campaign and therefore to optimize the campaign accordingly. The campaign analysis also offers details on things like low impressions, low click-through rates etc. or this even determines whether the cost is too much while weighed against the actions that are being earned.

So, while the values in the data and metrics breakdown often vary on the basis of the importance of the advertising strategies, the reporting tools of Facebook can facilitate answers to most of the questions that one may have about the performance of a campaign.

Basic differences between Facebook ad and traditional advertising:

  • Facebook ads actually micro-target: Can you remember the last time when you could micro-target any particular group of people with a cable or radio ad or newspaper with regal efficacy. Being capable of laser-targeting customers or prospects at a deep level is just huge. Until this time, Google AdWords was the only real game available. But Pay-Per-Click advertising allows the users to target their clients by keywords and location. Likewise, Facebook ads allow the users to target their potential clients by keywords, location, workplace, interests, age or birth date.
  • These ads are social: Native ads where the ads are mainly integrated into the social media stream performs really great. But while creating a Facebook ad, you need to keep it in mind that you are competing for attention and therefore your ads should be compelling enough. The old style of ads with traditional conversations won’t cut it. Rather, the ads need to be native in-stream ads.
  • Facebook ads are cost effective: Whether you are just running ads to increase the audience base or just targeting for a particular campaign, Facebook ads are really reasonable compared to Google AdWords and traditional advertising. Spending several hundred dollars every month could help you to reach your goal.
  • Facebook ads never interrupt: While properly written and effectively placed, the Facebook ads are quite less interruptive compared to the conventional advertising. The best thing about the Facebook ads is that these don’t like ads and more like status updates. Therefore, visitors don’t mind watching those as they don’t have to search for the ads.
  • Facebook ads are really effective: Broadcasting to the masses is quite like tossing a fist full of money into the wind. Once you can establish the business as a trusted resource by offering some great quality contents, which the fans want to engage with, then Facebook ads will become bearable to the users. Research has proved that the Facebook ads have a higher click-through rate compared to Google AdWords.
  • Facebook ads offer power: There is no reason for handing over the Facebook ad to someone else. Here the information is at fingertips of the users. Besides, here consulting and training are also available and the skill, time and effort really pay off. But this power must not be taken lightly. Often hip-shooting comes back and bite. Therefore, attempting to push spammy advertisements on the uninterested fans or users will lead to irreparable damage to both your reputation and brand.

Call to Actions:

So, now you have all the details with you that can help you understand why Facebook advertising is so important for any business and also the ways how to generate leads on Facebook. But in case you have been dabbing in Facebook ads or posts for your business, but are not getting the required results, then you must need expert advice.

To help people like you out, there is a Free One hour consultation on how to create a profitable FB Ads Campaign. By joining this free campaign, you will be able to find out the right Facebook sales panel strategy to bring in more clients without burning the advertising dollars, which can bring no results.


So, every point mentioned in this article proves that Facebook advertising is a great channel of marketing for the businesses both small and large sized. The most important things to consider here are targeting specific interests of the users, offer the users low friction conversion and track almost everything.

At the same time, one of the most important methods of growing the business is to focus on its value and not on cost. Outsourcing works as the perfect example here. In case your clients demand for more services and you can offer, then there is no point in not serving them. This is actually one of the best methods of growing a business dramatically while cementing the relationship with long term clients.

Blogging For Business Owners and Blog Marketing With Building Your Authority

You may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of if you run a small business. Blogging is a great way to get information out to consumers about your service or product, and it can even work for inspiring employee commitment and helping you keep your workers at peak morale. Consider what starting a blog might be able to do for you if you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level.

The key to having a successful blog as a business owner is keeping your goals concrete and clear at every step of your blogging experience. Write up a plan for how often you will update, how you will promote your blog and retain readers, whether you will feature photographs or video, and other aspects of your blog, and then stick to it with the same kind of determination that you used when you built your business.

Basically, you can use blog marketing as a way to communicate with your potential clients, core clients, and recommend product or services for your business. You can even say you can use blog marketing for the mean to build relationship with others and also close make substantial cash for your business.

Journal Marketing is among the most powerful mediums you can use to build your business on the world wide web. In addition, it allows you to get in touch with your potential customers, clients, and also partners for your business.

With the power of social networking sites where you can use blog as the main hub for your business, you can truly utilize the power of Blog marketing to build substantial traffic to your website.

The well proven formula for building a successful business online, is to first seek potential customers then develop Relationship Building and conversion follows, Revenue for Your Business.

A positive note is… You can utilize the power of Blog Marketing as a way to establish yourself as an authority figure where you let your blog visitors sell themselves to you. You may refer to it as “viral marketing” but I refer to it as “smart marketing”. You can even treat your blog as the HUB to build a community within your business.

How you can Build Your Authority as a Blogger

Being recognized as an authority person in your niche is critical. Traffic, income and profits are pretty much guaranteed once you earn the respect and admiration of your marketplace as a knowledgeable leader. The following practices will help you build your authority as a blogger, turning your effort into prestige and influence that help you meet your business goals.

Creating an Epic Blog Post

Take the time, weeks or months if need be, to create an incredible piece of content. Make sure your post is at least 1,500 words long, and over 2,000 words or more if possible.

When you finally solve a big challenge that has been haunting the minds of people in your marketplace, and you provide this resource free of cost on your blog, you develop lifelong followers.

Request Reviews and Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Odds are you or your blog has some satisfied clients. Somewhere, at some point, even though you are relatively new, someone commented on just how much they liked what you do. Ask these individuals for testimonials, in addition to positive reviews on sites like FourSquare and Yelp.

Be Consistent

When someone knows that you put up a great new blog post every Monday, over time they unconsciously develop a habit of checking into your blog on that day. The very same is true with posting to social media marketing sites.

High quality over Volume

It is much more intelligent, and you will improve results, if you post one meaty, value-rich, problem-solving post every few weeks, rather than slapping up 3 to 5 average posts weekly. Always demand the greatest quality content from oneself.

Be Your own self

The people you respect in your life are unique individuals. The people who identify with your unique personality, goals and ideas will look and respect up to you for being true to yourself.

Interview Highly regarded Business sector Experts

Even so, you instantly credit that person with being noteworthy. You can “acquire” the same respect and authority by interviewing the top-notch thought leaders in your field, and making these interviews available on your blog.